A small picture of the outside of Jan's Art Studios

Dmitry Grudsky


My art career started with drawing, as early as seven years old. My parents brought me to the art studio in Pioneer's Center. I attended the Art Institute in Tashkent City and took several workshops in Moskow. I still remember my instructors; even the first one. They were very nice people and all devoted to art. After years in the field, I still appreciate their support and willingness to share their talent and experiences with me.

I was always excited about landscape painting. The beautiful hills, trees, and small birds invigorated me to paint. I started by sketching outdoors or working from photographs of outdoor sceens. Through the past 30 years, I have progressed with a number of different painting mediums: as well as mural designing. I am currently painting, teaching and working out of Jan's Art Studio on Fremont Blvd.

I will always remember the words of my friends, that the painting process is like a rolling show ball. It becomes larger and larger. As I work consistently, day-by-day, I keep accumulating new ideas that inspire me to do new projects.

I have found that different objects that surround my everyday life are valuble subjects for creating art work. Another subject that always magnetizes me is a human being. I like to paint colorful people at street fairs ar stadiums. On the other hand, a portrait also interests me. I collect pictures that catch my eye or remind me of the people who made them or gave them to me.

My schedule revolves around the studio; teaching children and adults, working in senior centers, conducting workshops and taking care of my family. When I have free time, I like to seek out areas of town that I want to paint.


My contact number is (510) 207-6826